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Power factor correction installations. Reactive power compensation

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  Power factor correction installations. Reactive power compensation
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Sphere of our activityScope of our activity

"Novotechelectro", LLC (“N-TEL”, LLC in brief) is working on a market of Power Factor Correction Installations and other power saving technologies since year 2006.

Our specialty is panel building and high grade engineering in a field of reactive power compensation, power saving, powers losses decreasing, etc.

1) Production scope
  • Production of Automatic Power Factor Correction Installations 0,4…35kV according to officially certified registered technical specifications
  • Production of Switchgears and DC Boards
  • 2) Projects Engineering
  • Calculations of required rated power for PFC Installations 0,4…35kV for existing and new power stations;
  • Calculations of power losses caused by reactive power flowing in 0,435kV supply systems;
  • Calculations of payback ratings for PFC Installations implementation according to government approved techniques;
  • Measurement of power quality parameters in supply systems with certified power analyzer (tested in Kharkiv Governmental Metrological Center);
  • Analyses of supply systems for reactive power consuming rate and development of effectiveness increasing measures;
  • Development of preliminary and operational design projects for implementation of PFC Installations 0,4…35kV according to Ukrainians rules in force.
  • 3) Mounting and commissioning of our products (PFC Installations, Switchgears and DC Boards) on Customers’ sites (licensed by Ukrainian authorities)

    For the current moment we have manufactured and successfully got operational the following equipment:

    1) PFC Installations 6,10 kV of rated power 250 to 3000 kVAr - 70 pcs.;
    - including fast-acting installations with discharging period 30 sec instead of 10 min

    PFC Installations 6,10 kV gallery

    2) PFC Installations up to 1kV of rated power 10 to 3000 kVAr - 580 pcs.;
    - including detuned 7%, detuned 14%, thyristor controlled, fast-acting installations with discharging period 5 sec instead of 1 min

    PFC Installations up to 1kV gallery

    3) Switchgears and DC Boards, substations 6,10/0,4kV, frequency inverter assemblies and etc. – 42 pcs. total – manufactured according to customers' special requirements

    Among our main customers are the biggest Ukrainian metallurgical, mining, heavy industry and machinery, agricultural, transport, oil, petro-chemical, food, pharmaceutical and many other enterprises both of private and governmental owners.

    We manufacture our installations using components from our European partners so we ensure high quality and reliability for each of our product.

    Our goal is a maximum positive result for available expenses of our customers.

    For any additional information, please, contact us:


    +38 (057) 756-52-12
    +38 (057) 780-01-10
    +38 (067) 324-11-28
    +38 (066) 155-93-84

    Sincerely yours, N-TEL

    61017, Ukraine, Kharkov,
    st. Lozovskaya, 5
    phone: +38 (057) 756-52-12,
    phone\fax: +38 (057) 780-01-10
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    Power factor correction installations. Reactive power compensation.